"The new surface

for architecture"

Kerlite is a Cotto d'Este product, a newly developed ceramic porcelain that in just a few years has revolutionized the world of contemporary architecture.

Durable but light, flat but flexible, easy to cut, drill and lay and to clean, Kerlite has made versatility and ease of use its strengths.

Its extremely thin, large sizes which have been unimaginable until now and perfect flatness are obtained thanks to exclusive innovative technology that gives the ceramic slab unrivalled elasticity and resistance.

The entire Kerlite range includes 12 exclusive collections that allow you to choose between 49 decorative instruments: a wide range of textures, surfaces and colours, from natural stones to cements, from wood tones to solid colours, from white to black.

Initially available only in the thicknesses of 3 mm and the fibreglass reinforced 3.5 mm Plus version, the Kerlite range now also features the 5PLUS version. This new 5.5 mm thick product expands the technical and aesthetic potential of the slab that is designed for new areas of application and which is available in new surface finishes.



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